‘The Anonymous People in Australia’ by ManyFaces1Voice

unnamedReceived this exciting piece of news from ManyFaces1Voice this morning. Good to have some Australian recovery news. Well done Simon Bowen. Now hearing recovery rumblings in Sydney. Excellent! [NB. I have changed the order of one paragraph to make communication a little clearer]

‘A few weeks ago, we featured recovery advocates Dougie Dudgeon and Annemarie Ward raving about the reception and impact of The Anonymous People in their respective countries of South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Today we hear from Simon Bowen of Visible Recovery in Adelaide, Australia.

Simon: Our first screening of The Anonymous People in December 2013 had some 80 people attend. It was important because some worked in the Department of Correctional Services, some were state politicians, and others were in various 12- step recovery groups.

There has been a lot of comment on the quality of the movie, and its content. All the people who saw the movie loved it, and found it inspiring, and intended to bring others to our next screening in early 2014.

Recovery in Australia is still a relatively unknown entity. No one knows what it looks like and it certainly doesn’t get a lot of publicity at all. There is a lot of shame around addiction and the families and addicts who are actively using.

I called my company Visible Recovery as I want to help make recovery visible here. I was blown away with The Anonymous People when I first saw it and would love there to be a focus on recovery here as you have in the States.

The Anonymous People is a brilliant movie that spells out quite clearly that we need to advocate for recovery, particularly here in Australia. I would love to see it on TV!

I personally have changed my language about my own recovery as a direct result of seeing this movie. It gives me a platform to aim for and a way of communicating the message to people in a very entertaining, well-researched and informative way.

After the next screening in North Adelaide, we will continue to tackle the attitudes of the general public here and advocate for recovery in any way we can. We will soon be staging our first Visible Recovery Walk here in Adelaide. We will keep abreast of as much information as we can internationally, since the rest of the world leads the way at this time. Hopefully, things can change for the better here as a result of that effort.

Visible Recovery House, Adelaide, Australia
Visible Recovery opened a private 12 step residential drug and alcohol treatment facility on the 6th of January last year, and we are now setting up a not-for-profit company to facilitate a 45-bed rehabilitation centre at another property, specifically aimed at people exiting the jail system, the long-term unemployed and people on disability pensions who want to stop using drugs or alcohol.

This part of our company will seek collaboration with the government, and private investment to fund the program, and we are seeking payments for treatment from the government on a per-client and structured outcomes basis (based on them being clean/ sober and free of crime). We also want to pilot a Recovery School here in Adelaide as a part of the not-for-profit’s direction this year.’