‘Falling From a Pink Cloud (and Learning How to Fall Correctly)’ from Zenith Chasing

rsz_unknownI can’t resist putting on another of Erica’s blogs from Zenith Chasing. This is her latest, more powerful writing. Thank you, Erica.

‘Recent events have snapped me back into reality, my pink cloud had officially dissipated, if you could even call it that…  I guess that given my predisposition towards the negative, it makes sense that my personal pink cloud would be miniature sized.  Fun sized?  I guess the latter sounds a little nicer, and chewier somehow (I’m thinking of nougat.) 

Abstract ruminations and manic tangents aside, I feel like shit.  Just found out that another friend of mine, albeit not as close a friend as T, but someone I have known since I was 17, died this week.  Rest in Peace LES Jewels – I will miss you buddy.  This is certainly the end of an era for the Lower East Side.

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