’11 ways to beat depression naturally’ by Maria Rodale

maria_abouteditSaw this excellent blog on mother nature network the other day. Here, if you are feeling a bit down, you can ‘discover helpful tips to kick the blues on your own, in chemical-free ways.’

‘The other day I saw a report that said that one in 10 Americans older than 12 take antidepressants. That seems sad to me. But what was truly shocking was that less than a third of the people taking these drugs have seen a mental health professional in the last year –  and most people who take these drugs don’t need them.

Antidepressants are taken mostly by white women, and their use has increased 400 percent since the early 1990s. It could be that these pharmaceuticals are just the new version of “mother’s little helper.” But it also could be that too many women (and girls!) are suffering and medicating their problems rather than solving them at the source.

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