SMART Recovery Guide

Learn more about the self-empowering addiction recovery support group SMART Recovery. And watch two Recovery Stories from people who used SMART. Finally, we have an interesting blog and a newspaper article.

Welcome to SMART Recovery
Tom Horvath, President, welcomes viewers to SMART Recovery. He says, “This brief audio presentation can help you decide whether SMART Recovery is for you. I’ll start by describing our program of recovery, and finish by describing our organization.”


What is SMART Recovery?
Tom Horvath describes SMART Recovery, ‘a self empowering support group of meetings around the world… It is scientifically based and is offered through free online or face-to-face meetings designed for people who want to abstain from any substance or activity addiction. A chat room is available 24/7.


‘Self empowering addiction treatment’ by Tom Horvath
Tom describes two aspects of the 4-point SMART Recovery programme: (1) dealing with cravings, and (2) managing thoughts, feeling and behaviours.


SMART Recovery Member Stories 2010: “Jim”
A SMART Recovery participant and volunteer relates his story about SMART. “Drinking will always be a choice I can make, but I happily chose not to. I’ve come to realise how much of life drinking has taken away from me, how much of life I cheated myself out of by the choices I made. My sobriety allows me to show up for life…”


‘An intro to SMART Recovery’ by Curtis Boudreau
SMART Recovery is based on a 4-point programme that helps a person: build and maintain motivation; cope with urges; manage thoughts, feelings and behaviours; and live a balanced life. SMART teaches self-empowerment and self-reliance. It provides meetings that are educational, supportive and include open discussions. This instructional film is well worth a watch.


SMART Recovery Story
A recovery story and how SMART Recovery gave me back my power.


Managing Your ‘New Life’ by Green-In-MI
Spotted this excellent blog on the SMART Recovery website.

‘If Not AA, Then What? SMART Recovery and the AA Alternatives’ by Tom Horvath
Here’s an article from SMART Recovery President Tom Horvath which appeared in the Huffington Post.