Most visited content: Nos 16 – 20

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI thought I’d do something different over the next four days. We’re going to look at the 20 most visited pieces of content on the website (other than from the About Us section). We’ll look at five per day.

20. ‘What is Recovery?”: David Best (blog from May 28th) We looked at some of the views of one of the leading researchers in the recovery field. I included quotes from his excellent book, Addiction Recovery: A Movement for Social Change and Personal Growth in the UK.

19.  Julie Repper and Rachel Perkins (blog from June 3rd) answered the same question, “What is Recovery?” I not only looked at how they characterised recovery, but also included quotes from people in recovery from their book Social Inclusion and Recovery: A Model for Mental Health Practice.

18. The second most viewed Story is Adam’s Recovery Story: ‘A moment of clarity’. Adam is a close friend from Perth, Australia, who overcame an addiction to alcohol, speed and amphetamine, moved to the UK, married a special lady, and now has two lovely twin girls.

17. Roland Lamb interview: “The Struggle Continues, The Victory is Certain” (blog from July 12th). Bill White interviews one of the key players in helping transform the behavioural healhcare system in Philadelphia to a system based on recovery. This system is a $1 billion system caring for over 100,000 people.

16. ’10 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Addiction Recovery’ by Addiction Helpline (blog from October 13th) is self-explanatory. It has been a fast mover up our list of most viewed content on Recovery Stories.