Most visited content: Nos 11 – 15

rsz_img_4069I continue our list of the most viewed content on this website, this time focusing on those that just missed the top ten.

15. Beth’s Recovery Story: ‘Becoming Beth’ tells the story of a young lady who says, “I really shouldn’t be here.” Beth was dependent on alcohol by age 19, had an eating disorder, anxiety condition… and more. Now she is in recovery, running Smyls, a solution-based service to help other people.

14. Stopping heroin use without treatment is an article I wrote focusing on Patrick Biernarki’s research in the mid-1980s into how 101 heroin addicts gave up using their drug without accessing treatment. Far too few people know about this seminal research.

13. In Moral panics, the limits of science & personal responsibility (blog from August 8th), Bill White describes how new patterns of crack cocaine use dominated cultural headlines in sensationalized media frenzies and how research has shown this sensationalism about crack has proved to be wrong.

12. Mark’s mother wrote this very moving blog, Experiences of a mother of two young heroin addicts (blog from June 13th), about her sons, one of whom had died of a heroin overdose aged 20 whilst the other one was in recovery.

11. Turning a Disease Into a Sideshow (blog from July 21st) is an article from the New York TImes by the actress, recoveree and recovery advocate Kristin Johnston,  in which she emphasises how addiction is misunderstood and misrepresented in America.