Most Viewed Content on Recovery Stories: The Top Five

And so here we are, the top five viewed content!

rsz_pic00016_35. Mark Williams on Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (blog from August 28th). Professor Mark Williams of the University of Oxford talks about mindfulness meditation as an alternative treatment for depression. Mindfulness is also a powerful tool to help someone recovering from addiction.

4. The challenges of recovering from heroin addiction is a short article I wrote summarising the research of Patrick Biernacki, who interviewed 100 people who had overcome heroin addiction without treatment. You can also read a longer article about the research on this website.

3. Nic Sheff’s reflections on his recovery is taken from a longer blog, Michael Hastings, Addiction and Me, which made reference to his recovery, including the relapses that occurred after his well-known book Tweak was released. (Nic has been clean for five years now.)

2. From Discovery To Recovery: My Emotional Journey As The Parent Of An Addict, a blog written by Ron Grover, (from August 16th) is a powerful piece of writing from a father whose son had a substance use problem.

And the most viewed content is….


1. In Narcotics Anonymous Comes of Age by Bill White, (from October 8th), I describe the 12 points that Bill believes that every addiction professional should know about Narcotics Anonymous (NA). You should read Bill’s full article, which is A 60th Anniversary Professional Tribute.