More relections on our website statistics

rsz_img_4834Strangely enough (for me), I’ve not looked at the website statistics on the server until yesterday, relying entirely on WordPress statistics.

As I said in my last blog, I’m delighted to see how much the server reveals the website has been visited  since we launched in June. [I don’t have an explanation for the differences I see between the server and WordPress statistics, although I am told the former are more reliable]. So here is some more information (robot visits have been excluded):

Since June, we have had 132,300 unique visitors who have generated 278,500 visits. There have been 827,000 page views and 4.9 million hits (equivalent to 10 million a year).

In terms of countries, the most visits come from the USA (38.3% of audience), Australia (12.2%), China (12.2%), UK (4.8%) and France (4.0%). This distribution is markedly different to my former website Wired In To Recovery, which had an audience predominantly (over 50%) from the UK.

The most view articles are as follows (this is different to the Top 20 list I published earlier, which was based on WordPress statistics):

1. 75 Years In The Making: Harvard Just Released Its Epic Study On What Men Need To Live A Happy Life: the blog that went viral last month (79,335 visits).

2. Treatment and Recovery disconnection: a film clip of Bill White from his visit to London (28,609 visits)

3. ‘Sober is Sexy’ by Beth Burgess: a film clip from life coach Beth, whose Recovery Story is also on the website (13,590)

4. Reflections on Kevan’s Story (Part 3): one of my reflections on Kevan’s Story (10,438 visits)

5. Setting up a Recovery Community: an interview of Phil Valentine of CCAR (9,621 visits)

Well, I must thank you all for visiting our website. I am so thrilled by these numbers (as you can see from photo above). Please tell as many people as possible about our website. My sincere thanks!