Message from David

P4081202A major focus of this website is to help people understand how they can recover from addiction. How to initiate the process of recovery and how to maintain recovery despite the day-to-day struggles and obstacles we all face.  How to live without resorting to the use of substances as a coping mechanism.

Some of what appears on this website will be relevant to people taking their first steps on their journey to recovery. This might involve a person using clean needles and syringes for the first time, or involve a person realising the damage that their drinking is doing to themself.

Other content will be oriented towards people who are much further along in their recovery, who are looking for things that can facilitate their recovery journey and daily living. This content may be focused on spirituality or recovery coaching, for example.

It would be nice to have a detailed and structured Recovery Guide to put on this website now, but that is not possible at this stage. However, the material I develop for this website will over time be developed into such a Guide. A Guide that contains written, audio and video content. A Guide that carries a powerful voice of the recovering person. 

We’ll be looking at what some of the leading recovery experts have to say about all matters recovery. Empowerment, hope and gaining a sense of belonging. Treatment, mutual aid and family support. Advocacy, policy and civil rights.

This website is not just for the person directly affected by drug and alcohol addiction. It is for family members, loved ones and friends who have been affected by someone else’s addiction. It is for Friends of Recovery, people who want to help recovering people, the shift to recovery-based care, and the Recovery Movement.

My apologies for the disruption last week, but as I explained, Ash and I were developing the new website and shifting all the content over to our new content management system. This system gives us a new look and more functionality, both now and in the future. Thank you for bearing with us.

I hope you enjoy the new website. Please tell as many people as possible about us – in that way we can help more people – and feel free to add comments to our content.

Finally, take note of our new Facebook page, Twitter account and free subscription service (provides articles to your computer on a daily basis). All these can be found in the right column.

Thank you, David.