Introduction to our Recovery Stories section

2007_0116walpole0067You will see that I have put up 15 Recovery Stories on the website. They comprise part of a book I have been writing. This book is taking longer than originally planned, so I thought it was important that people see them now rather than later.

In putting together these Stories – some of which have been written by the person, others written by me after interviewing the person – I’ve wanted to provide insights into people’s journeys into and out of addiction. To me the most important part of these Stories is the recovery process, but it also also important to see how people travelled into addiction and how they lived a life that was dominated by substance use problems.

I asked our story-tellers to think back to what they were thinking during the recovery process so that their audience could gain insights into how people change during recovery. I want readers to feel what it is like to travel on this recovery journey. To see how the person overcame obstacles and problems on a day-to-day basis. To understand what helps recovering people on their journey.

Over time, I am going to blog about each of the Stories (and more), reflecting on various aspects of the recovery process (as well as the descent into addiction and living with substance use problems). These will be my thoughts, not necessarily those of the person who has told their story. They are the things in the Story that impacted on me, that I consider important enough to flag, disseminate and hopefully generate discussion.

On Monday, we’ll look at Kevan’s Story. Meanwhile, please look around the Recovery Stories section of the website. And if you missed my welcome blog, you can find it here.

PS. Most of these initial Stories are from the UK, although I am now working on more Australian Stories. Over time, I hope to collect Stories from all around the world.