Introduction to our Articles and Videos sections

IMG_1601In one of my blogs today, I referred to an article I wrote – on Patrick Biernacki’s research – from the Articles section of the website. I have written a number of articles on addiction recovery and related issues in the past and will load more of these articles up on the website as I have time.    

I’ll also be writing new articles and hopefully will have other writers contribute over time. For now, you can see what I hope you agree is an interesting selection of initial articles.

I’ve been slowly trawling the web selecting a collection of videos to include in the Film section of the website. Again, this section will gradually build up over time, with both addiction and mental health recovery videos. I’ll be selective in what I upload, so we have what I (in humble opinion) consider to be the best content. We’ll also be loading up our own film content in the future.


PS. A little quiz – you might know who the handsome fellow on my right is, but where was this photograph taken?