Historical Trauma & the Addiction Reaction: Janet King, Part 1

There is a lot to reflect on in this film clip of the first part of Janet King’s presentation. For those of you who have not heard of  historical trauma, which will probably be the majority of you, I include the following:

“Historical trauma is something that goes from generation to generation as opposed to a personal trauma of a shock, or a breakup, or physical illness, or something else that happens in our lives. This historical trauma is very much steeped in a history of people, and a pattern of demoralization, a pattern of disempowerment that is carried out against a people or one group by another.

…the history of the people or our people, whether it’s the Cherokee Trail of Tears (all the tribes have their Trails of Tears, as we know), boarding school experience, or being taken away from parents, or being beaten regularly because that’s what the school or the religious experience for some might have entailed…

… we look back to a loss of a relationship with the natural world, a loss of a sense of place, of where we belong and we realize that’s connected again to our history as a people, being moved around or being taken from our culture, not doing the songs anymore, not having the traditional foods anymore.

But also the genocide, the violence committed against men and women and children. This history lives on in us. There’s that memory, that physical memory that some have talked about. It lives on at a cellular level – a cellular memory.” Discovering Our Story

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