Gerry Georgatos on Suicide Amongst Indigenous People of Australia

Gerry Georgatos is an investigative journalist who I greatly admire. Here are links to some of his articles on suicide in the independent online news site The Stringer. But first, an Indigenous voice from one of his articles:

“To read about this painful crisis, to recognise the layers of disconnection, the internal anguish, community sorrow, pain, trauma, suffering is like a microcosm of the inherent legacy of pain, torment, and suffering that our people are immersed in.

This is a culturally collective crisis and it impacts upon all of us who say we are First Nations peoples. To think that this tiny little community possibly has the highest rates of suicide not just in Australia but in the world is insanity.”

“We are now picking up the pieces of our loved ones. How many suicides, how many more deaths will it take to open our eyes, and open our ears, to the silent screaming that is coming from the hearts and souls of those who are gone and of those who grieve and keep screaming for help?”

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