A catch up from WITR member Lindaw

P1010141Some of you will know that we created a nice little community at Wired In To Recovery. Since it had to be closed down, some of you may be wondering how some of the community members are. Some have been in touch with me, so I thought I’d give you some periodic updates from them.

Here’s a little update from Linda in Scotland, one of the top 20 bloggers on Wired In To Recovery. Things are going well!

“Well, for all of those people who knew me on WIRED this is Lindaw here. Things have moved on since WIRED… our daughter Polly now has her own flat and it’s just upstairs from our flat, so really handy.

Polly is doing really well. With money she had saved, she managed to decorate and furnish her flat herself without going into any debt or get help from the DSS.

I never thought this day would come when looking back at the time when Polly’s addiction started. It was hell on earth!

When things started to go well, all of a sudden there would be another problem. It got that I was frightened to get up in the morning. Sometimes, I didn’t want to wake up at all knowing, that Polly would be wanting money and if she did not got what she wanted the threats would start….

It took many years and lots of ups and down to get where she is now, but she has managed it!

Recently, we found out through Polly’s psychiatrist that her addiction was due to her BIPOLAR and OCD. That answers a lot for me. I wonder if it wasn’t for them what would life have been like. Oh well, too late to wonder…

For those parents who are dealing with the problem of addiction, stay strong. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it won’t necessarily come straight away. It often takes time and it could be many years, but when it does happen your life changes for ever.

Polly and I are closer than we have ever been. She gets on well with her stepdad and always shows and tells us how much she loves us.

Although things are good, we have to always keep in mind that things can change back as it’s part of addiction. I have learned that I have to take a step back in order to support Polly…..

I have missed our little community and I am so glad that we are back thanks to David and his hard work. Thanks again lindaw peace x” Anyone know where I was visiting in the above photograph? What film is associated with this place?