Sharing Culture

australian-outback-uluru-honeymoonSharing Culture is a unique grassroots initiative to help indigenous people heal from historical trauma and its consequences. These consequences include poor physical health, mental health problems, addiction, violence, self-harm and suicide.

We aim to help indigenous people in Australia and further afield: gain balance and harmony in their lives; inspire, learn from, and support each other; and create a ripple effect of hope and healing that impacts today and can be passed down through future generations.

Sharing Culture is based on the core values of authenticity, connection, courage, creativity, empathy and forgiveness. Our team comprises David Clark, an Emeritus Professor of Psychology and expert in addiction and mental health recovery, and Michael Liu, a filmmaker with considerable expertise in marketing and online video development. We work with a number of collaborators and advisors from different cultural backgrounds.

We use a strengths-based, solution-focused approach that celebrates success and cultivates positivity, acceptance and cultural pride.

We are developing an approach based on three key principles:

1)   Empowering people, which involves helping the person gain:

  • Hope (that a better life is possible and can be attained);
  • Understanding (of the nature of the problem and how it can be overcome);
  • A sense of belonging, a sense of agency and a strong positive identity.

2)   Connecting people to:

  • Other people, including family, role models, peers (people healing from similar problems) and a strong positiveCommunity;
  • Their Culture, Land, Spirituality and History;
  • Healing Stories that show and celebrate individual and community healing, and Culture Stories that create pride and facilitate cultural connectedness.

3)   Making healing contagious, via a multi-platform initiative involving:

  • A wide range of content including documentary film, educational resources and viral healing messages, for a wide-ranging audience;
  • An effective communication strategy that involves content being distributed via the internet, TV and cinema, DVDs, and iBooks;
  • Healing ‘Carriers’ who make healing infectious by being open about their healing experiences and being compassionate about those still suffering.