Recovery Stories

Filmed stories of Noreen Oliver, Ed Mitchell, Tovah Cottle, David McCollum and more  [8 clips]

Women of Courage: Noreen Oliver
A short documentary aired on “This Morning” (UK) on 2nd July 2007. Noreen Oliver shares her journey from being alcohol dependent to recovery and talks about the BAC O’Connor Centre in East Staffordshire, the successful treatment centre she set up to change individuals lives in a positive way, where they receive support to address their drug and alcohol and related issues by undergoing an evidence-based rehabilitation programme.


Saving Ed Mitchell – ITV Documentary
The former ITN newsreader whose life was plunged into alcoholism and homelessness is the subject of an ITV1 documentary in which his former colleague Carol Barnes attempted to find out why it happened. Ed Mitchell’s story was splashed across the national newspapers after it emerged that he had fallen on hard times, together with a picture of himself and Barnes in Downing Street in the early 1980s when they were ITN colleagues. The stories and picture prompted Barnes to try to discover why Mitchell’s life had taken such a dramatic turn.


Ed Mitchell – Lost & Found
A new documentary on the latest steps to recovery of former BBC and ITN broadcaster, Ed Mitchell, is broadcast exclusively on Inexcess TV – marking Ed’s return to television and first employment following his battle with alcohol and homelessness. In his new role as editor at Inexcess Television, Ed produced and directed his latest documentary, Ed Mitchell: Lost and Found, the third programme to be broadcast on Ed’s life story, from living as a white-collar tramp to his subsequent recovery from alcoholism.


A remarkable reinvention
Former model Tovah Cottle transformed her life from being a drug addict in jail to designing fashion for the catwalk. Check out a longer version of Tovah’s story on Australian Story,


David’s Story – a life in the day of…
David, like his mum and dad, used to be a drug addict. Going nowhere fast and living a slow death was how it use to be. David was a walking dead man just about to give up on life. David did give up…. on drugs but not on life… This is his story through his family’s eyes and his own words… Check out David McCollum’s DMC Media & Addictive Media Video Channel.


The Personal Story of Kevin Manley
This is a short version of a 35 minute film focusing on Kevin’s recovery from drug addiction. His mother Kerry Manley talks about her experiences during Kevin’s 15 year history of problem drug use and his recovery. The film was made for Wired In by Jonathan Kerr-Smith and Lucie James in and around Cardiff, South Wales.


Prison, Addiction, Recovery: Ronnie Purslow
Ronnie Purslow is a remarkable man. From drinking at 12 and locked up at 13, Ronnie’s Story is one of fighting authority, in whatever form, and eventually fighting himself. From being excluded by society, Ronnie was also excluded in the prison system until the day he was confronted by his two sons – that is when he new he had to change. With the help of Rapt (Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust), he turned things around and was able to move on in his life.


Recovery from alcohol & crack cocaine addiction: John from SHARP
John tells us how for the past 15 years he has suffered from addictions to alcohol and crack cocaine, and how this led to him lose his job and his family. Through SHARP, John has kicked his addictions and gotten his life back on track. From Inexcess TV.

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