Recovery and what it means

What is does it mean being in recovery? Film made by mental health recoveree and involves four people diagnosed with schizophrenia. ​ [2 clips]

Recovery and mental illness: part one
Michelle McNary is a film maker who has experienced using mental health services. With the funding we provided, Michelle produced a powerful study of living with mental illness. The film explores the concept of recovery and what it means, through the personal experiences and observations of four people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia.


Recovery and mental illness: part two
“In 2000 I experienced a psychotic episode and was sectioned and hospitalised for 6 months. I was then assigned a social worker and was given a care plan to help me on my journey of recovery. He encouraged me to find ways of keeping myself occupied and engage in meaningful activities.

My psychologist suggested I make a documentary about how people recover from mental illness. I managed to get funding within a few months by applying for a grant from Maudsley Charity.

I wanted the film to be insightful and original, so I approached the interviews with an open mind and let the service users tell their own stories. I am proud that they do so with wit, pathos and honesty. Their experiences touch you and they come across as recovery heroes rather than victims of mental illness, which could easily have been the case.” Michelle

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