Phil Valentine interview

Film clips of ​Phil Valentine, Executive Director of CCAR, discussing addiction recovery, recovery-based care, and recovery communities. [9 clips]

Michaela meets Phil Valentine
Michaela Jones meets Phil Valentine of Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) in Cardiff. She poses questions supplied by community members of WIred In To Recovery. The first question focuses on the abstinence and harm reduction philosophies.


Dealing with a serious health scare
Phil is asked is anything good came out of his recent health scare – tongue cancer. He describes how he lived in the moment and how this helped him deal with life.


How’s that working for you?
Through, Michaela, Peapod asks Phil Valentine how we help people move on with their recovery so that they can have the best recovery that they can have.


Is there any hope for an atheist like me?
A question from Tony to Phil Valentine of CCAR.


What are the key factors in setting up a peer support system?
Phil emphasises that the first essential step is to organise the recovery community. Need people in recovery to come forward and identify themselves to show that recovery is possible and that there are many different pathways to recovery. These people need to be committed to a common goal. Michaela and Phil also discuss the so-called ‘2 year rule’ which stops many recovering people in the UK in getting engaged in a helping role.


How do we stop the system exploiting peer support?
Phil and Michaela talk about the possibility of exploitation, but also emphasise the opportunities that can occur for people. Phil points out that it is not for us to place our judgements and values on other people. It is for them to say whether they are being exploited.


Online treatment and recovery communities
Michaela asks Phil what he considers to be the advantages of online treatment and recovery communities.


Treatment services and continuing care
Michaela asks how we can get treatment providers to move away from the acute care model and provide continuing care? Phil asks whether that is the treatment provider’s problems or is it the recovery community’s problem?


Talking about addiction and recovery
Phil says how strongly he feels about sharing his story. He points out that whilst it is rare to find a person who has not been affected by addiction, society rarely talks about addiction. Phil signs Michaela’s cast and together they repeat the tag… “Recovery is contagious“.

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