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Unknown-1“Once you’re an addict and once you are seen in society as an addict or an alcoholic you’re an abnormal to society. You are something that no one wants in their community. you’re that things that they have to hide.

The stigma is that they’re doing it because they want to. But my experience is that I didn’t become a drug addict because I wanted to.”

See Maetta Broadus speak on ManyFaces1Voice, the website promoting The Anonymous People film. Maetta is a community activist and recovery ambassador from Kentucky. She serves on the board of People Advocating Recovery, belongs to Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, and is a certified recovery dynamics instructor.


  1. Angie Sparrowhawk says:

    I totally agree with Maetta in all my years working with substance users I have never ever met a person who wanted to become an addict. I loathe the stigma that addiction attracts it is yet another hurdle that those in recovery have to jump over. It is really about blaming the addicts and is most unhelpful, and I have often suspected those who apportion blame and stigmatise addicts are often heavy drinkers and/or close to becoming addicts themselves but are ‘in denial’. Thanks for the great thoughts, Maetta!

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