Indigenous Healing and Sharing Culture

images-1“We are like the tree standing in the middle of a bushfire sweeping through the timber. The leaves are scorched and the tough bark is scarred and burnt, but inside the tree, the sap is still flowing and under the ground, the roots are still strong. Like the tree, we have endured the flames and yet we still have the power to be reborn.” Miriam Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann

This section of the website provides an introduction to Indigenous Healing, which is part of the Sharing Culture initiative I have developed with filmmaker Michael Liu of Shocktreatmint Films.

In these pages, I introduce the problems faced by Indigenous peoples of colonised nations such as Australia, America, Canada and New Zealand, and describe how these problems can be overcome. I will develop these pages as time permits, so please bear with me. 

Michael and I developed Sharing Culture to help Aboriginal people heal from historical trauma and its consequences. These consequences include poor physical health, mental health problems, emotional distress, drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence, sexual abuse, self-harm and suicide.

9835178Sharing Culture is based on the core values of authenticity, connection, courage, creativity, empathy and forgiveness. We use a strengths-based, solution-focused approach that celebrates success and cultivates positivity, acceptance and cultural pride.

We are supported by an international network of over 30 Advisors/Healers, the vast majority of whom are world-leading experts in their respective fields.

We aim to help indigenous people in Australia and further afield: gain balance and harmony in their lives; inspire, learn from, and support each other; and create a ripple effect of hope and healing that impacts today and can be passed down through future generations.

The Sharing Culture website uses Indigenous voices to help educate us about historical trauma and how it impacts on Indigenous people. You can also learn about Indigenous healing and culture, as well as read or watch Healing Stories. I regularly blog on the website.

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