Family members

Film clips showing that family members of a person with drug and alcohol addiction develop their own problems from which they need recovery. [3 clips]

Being A Carer (of someone else’s drug/alcohol addiction)
Caring for a loved one or relative who is addicted to drugs/alcohol can be very difficult. This 20-minute film tells true life experiences of how people try to deal with this reality. Halton CRI and DMC Media have come togther to produce this film on shared experiences to give hope and understanding, and also to help people remember… YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


Beyond Heroin – A story of loss and hope | A Big Picture film by the Wellcome Trust
Nobody ever thinks they’ll become a drug addict – its something that happens to other people. In this extremely candid interview, Elizabeth Burton-Phillips, author of ‘Mum, can you lend me twenty quid?’, and her husband, Tony, speak openly about the gradual descent of their identical twin sons into the nightmare of heroin addiction. The film features clips from ‘Getting Hooked’, a home video in which one of the twins describes how easily he and his brother slipped into addiction.


7 things children of alcoholics should know
This is in honor of Children of Alcoholics Week (Feb 10-16) for everyone affected by alcoholism in their families. Jody Lamb is the author of Easter Ann Peters’ Operation Cool, a middle-grade novel for tweens. She’s also an advocate for and friend to kids coping with the effects of parental or other loved ones’ alcoholism.