David McCollom and DMC Media

David, who is in recovery himself, uses film to empower people – here’s a selection of his work [6 clips]

‘Hear My Voice’
HMP Thorncross & HMP Kirkham Documentary. DMC Media interview the guys from Kirkham as they go into Thorncross to show young prisoners where they could end up. Young prisoners at HMP Thorncross share their experience on drugs and crime and where it may lead. We then move to HMP Kirkham where prisoners share their experience of the other end of the scale.


Hep C – The Facts
Lancashire Drug and Alcohol Action Team and DMC Media produced this piece of work to inform and educate individuals who have Hepatitis C and are thinking of going on the interferon treatment. The story follows two people from Lancashire who share their experiences of treatment and how they got through it.


Lancashire People’s Conference: ‘By the People For the People 2012’
This conference, held in Preston, was put together by people in recovery from addiction. The conference showcased different forms of recovery and the diversity of our recovering community. Produced by DMC Media to show visible and sustainable recovery. Inspired by those who have walked the path before us.


Rocket Man
Wigan service users produced this film on recovery and to show how we need recovery fuel to get boosted into orbit. Also, when we run out of fuel or are running low, we neeed to top up with the help of others. Follow our journey and let’s take recovery to the moon.


RIOT – Recovery Is Out There
Three people talk about their recovery and introduce RIOT, an award- winning group of recoverees who attended the BAC O’Connor centre. Recovery Is Out There, right!


World Mental Health Day, Blackpool 2012
Wellness week and World Mental Health Day held in October 2012. This film highlights the involvement of the community in bringing people together to practice the five ways to wellbeing.


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