Barry Haslam – Addiction to Prescription Drugs

“Not only is it a national scandal, it is a political problem. And it needs a political solution. In fact, I’d go even further and say, it needs an independent public inquiry. We’ve had 50 years of prescribing these drugs which have addicted literally millions, certainly one and a half millions currently [in UK – DC] and they’ve injured, disabled, they’ve killed people…”

Here is a real courageous man, someone who has highlighted the problem of prescription drug addiction and tried to help people for years. You are a true hero, Barry! And you too, Sue!!

‘In conjunction with the imminent launch of our new service which we will be delivering in the new year, ‘ADS-Haslam Clinics for Prescribed Addiction’, we interviewed Barry Haslam, our partner and leading expert on the effects of prescription drugs.

During the interview Barry talks about his struggle with addiction to prescribed medicines and the devastating effects it’s had on himself and those around him. We also hear the story from a carers point of view from Barry’s wife Sue and collectively their resolve to make this national scandal understood.’


  1. steve kendrick says:

    I am 10.5 years away from a 42 year addiction to benzos – chlordiazepoxide. In the final years of my addiction, I was being given the benzo, sodium valproate, prozac and other antidepressants, and propranolol (beta blocker). I was starting to feel like a rattle.

    I came off all of these, more or less cold turkey, in 2004.

    Since then, I have suffered a myriad of withdrawal symptoms, which thank God, are now subsiding. I was left discharged, by all those who prescribed these drugs, and they have not even bothered to ring me up to see if I am ok. I will be 73 next month.

    I still have memory problems, and muscle ‘spasms’ around my head and face. I could not sleep for 3 years aside from a few hours in the early mornings.

    My brain has told me, in no uncertain terms, what these evil drugs have done to me. However, I am a very determined man, and even though I live alone, I have kept my faith and carried on.

    I am convinced that drug companies are making money out of selling dangerous drugs. Some human beings will do anything for financial gain.

    I have not had any alcohol since coming off all these drugs, because alcohol is just another money making drug. How can it be good for anyone? Especially not for my poor brain!

    Not only does someone need to stop doing all this drugging to poor people who go to a doctor for HELP, but someone has to tell the truth about over-drugged BRITAIN.

    However, I can’t see how this will ever stop, since the ability to make money by these methods, is so engrained in our society that to eradicate the process would seem nigh-on impossible…

    I hope only that my story might help others in a REAL way.

    Stephen Kendrick 20th September 2014

    • David Clark says:

      Dear Stephen,

      Thank you for your Story and comments. I am so sorry it took me so long to put it up. I am very grateful for your Story, as I am sure others will be. It’s through such Stories that we can inform and help people, as well as slowly start to advocate and pressurise for change. It’s certainly a difficult challenge, but not impossible. There is a good deal of advocacy for change on the Mad in America website for starters. I have no doubt that legal challenges against drug companies and doctors will also escalate.

      For now, it’s also very important to support people in withdrawal from prescription drugs. I like

      Thanks again for your comment and please keep in touch. And tell people about our website.

      Best wishes from Perth, Australia


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