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DSCF1611_2Please check out Jim’s blog. Jim is the executive director of a counseling center in the States that specialises in addiction, dual diagnosis, and trauma.

I quote from the introduction to this blog: “Every day he [Jim] works to bring people to a deeper understanding of themselves in order to help them find their way to a meaningful recovery. He has a wonderful perspective on what it takes to walk that path – and how patients and counselors can work together to accomplish lasting recovery.”

Here is one lovely quote from Jim’s blog:

“I love working with people in recovery because I like people who are exceptionally genuine, motivated, and who seek to make great changes in their lives. Normal people bore me. Normal people do not generally make life altering changes. They do not often become something far greater than they are.

People in recovery inspire me. I love their candor, their accountability, their integrity, their humor, and their willingness to go to any length to become happy, joyous, and free. I am blessed because people who are willing to make this kind of commitment seek me out.”

Yes, he’s talking about people like YOU.

Please read the rest of this blog.

I first wrote this blog for Wired In To Recovery in September 2011.


  1. Angie Sparrowhawk says:

    I too love working with people who may be in recovery or contemplating changing their behaviour around substance misuse. I have never, in professional career, told a client to stop using I have, hopefully, enabled them to make different choices. I have often been accused on not being able to work with substance users as I have not had a problem with substances – only nicotine and I am now a non-smoker, I also drink coffee but in moderation. I have found this hard to take on board as I have 30yrs + experience and also years of training and continuous personal development. I find this group of people great to work with although sometimes resistent and obstructive – I have invariably enabled clients to find a resource, a personality, a strength – call it what you like, that enables change – not always admittedly, but when it works it is fantistc.

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